DVD Writer Problem-Sees CD when DVD in

Hi, I hope someone can help. I am at my wits end. I have got an HP dvd640e Lightscribe External dvd writer attached to my laptop. I am having a problem where it is not ‘seeing’ dvd disks. As soon as I insert a DVD disk it changes to a cd rom. I did have Nero 7 installed but have since uninstalled this as I had heard that this could cause problems. I cannot copy to dvd. I used an instance of System Mechanic to clean up my computer, so not sure if this caused a problem either. It was working a week ago! I even tried a system restore but this didn’t correct the problem. Please help. Cheers.

When you insert a DVD into a drive … winXP always changes the title of the drive to CDROM. This is normal behaviour.

WinXP has no native writing support for DVDR/w media. You MUST have some form of burning software installed, otherwise you have a CD/DVD reader only.
Reinstall nero (without incd).

WinXP has no native support for watching DVD movies either. You must have some form of DVD player software installed, otherwise it won’t play.

Thanks! It had to be something easy… I will give it a go. :clap: