DVD Writer + Player combo recommendations?

Hey gang,

I’ve been pouring over the VideoHelp databases crossreferencing compatability between Writers, set-top DVD-Players, and media, read through as much as I could on their forums and here, so now it’s time to ask…

Does anyone have any recommendations on a Burner/Player combo that’s worked out well for them in terms of creating video DVDs or backing up DVDs and getting them to play on the set-top player well for TV viewing? Media type recommendations would be a bonus as well if anyone has there own personal “holy trio” if you will.

My father has handed me the chore of converting VHS videos of the family to DVDs (including editing, but that I can handle) and I’d like to make sure that I get a burner/player combo that will let him watch the video DVDs on the player I get for him.

I tend to be partial to NEC burners (with Liggy’s firmware :clap: ) and I refuse to buy anything made by Sony due to issues I have with the company itself, but otherwise I’m completely open to any suggestions.

My last combo was an NEC 3550a and a Panasonic DVD RV32 (player). It was great for burning data DVDs but the combination of the two didn’t fare so well when it came to burning DVD backups that would actually be recognized let alone play decently on the player. Even using very specific media types tended to be iffy.

Any recommendations would be highly highly appreciated.



ps. I realize this may be more appropriate to ask over at VideoHelp, but I couldn’t find a decent section to post it in and you guys always seem to know everything anyway, hehe.