DVD writer overheating?

I noticed that when performing multiple write or read operations the DVD writer (and the disc after ejected) feel hot when touched. The PC case is relatively small and currently has an SSD, an HDD and two DVD writers installed (a third DVD writer was recently removed for better air circulation). I expect things to get even worse during the summer. Is the DVD writer overheating?

Never had a problem, even if I burned many discs in a row.

Do you have worse quality if you burned some discs in a row?

Do you have fans in the case?

This use to happen when I ripped multple discs one after another, such as from a 6-disc tv show season set.

The only way I got around this heating problem, is to take the dvdr drive out of the computer case and place the drive on the desk next to it. (I use slightly longer sata cables to connect to the computer). Sometimes I even use a small fan blowing cold air onto the drive.

When one drive starts to heat up too much, I’ll swap in another drive to take over the ripping of discs. When the second drive starts to heat up, I’ll swap back in the first drive. (Ad nauseum).

I did not notice any difference in the quality of burned discs.

I have an 120mm fan (600 RPM) to the front and an 80mm fan (1200 RPM) to the back of the case.

I often simultaneously burn and perform disc quality tests at the same time and because the writers are installed one next to the other (without space between them) they get even hotter.