DVD Writer or Blu-Ray Reader/Writer For Reading Bad DVD's?



[QUOTE=jcroy;2786853]Also nowadays if I come across an older problematic disc from my collection, I will frequently just buy a new copy if it is $10 or less, instead of trying to “salvage” it with isopuzzle.

For example back in the mid-2000s, Universal released many of their dvd tv season sets on double-sided flipper discs. I had many Universal shows which were released on these cantankerous double-sided flipper discs, such as:

  • Magnum PI (seasons 1 to 4)
  • the original Knight Rider (all four seasons)
  • the original Battlestar Galactica
  • Murder She Wrote (seasons 1 to 3)
  • Columbo (season 3)
  • The A-Team (seasons 2 to 4)
  • Miami Vice (seasons 1 and 2)
  • Rockford Files (season 1)
  • Sliders (season 3)
  • Quantum Leap (seasons 2 to 5)
  • etc …

(Universal eventually discontinued releasing stuff on double-sided flipper discs, probably due to too many complaints and returns).

These Universal double-sided flipper discs were largely salvageable using IsoPuzzle. But after awhile, I just got sick and tired of dealing with them.

In the end, I ended up just buying the single-sided discs re-releases of all these flipper disc titles, which were eventually re-released a few years ago. Most of these single-sided discs re-released season sets were around $10 a pop (or less).


Got some old Mediarange DVD+R DL 8x with Ricohjpn D01, burned in 2008/2009. on one disc my iHAS 124 F slowdown very hard, stopped with an read error. Tried next with an eBAU 108. It also slowed a bit down at the end, but read it without bigger probs.

I´m a bit disappointed about the 124, my older drives like the 1653S was a very good reader


This is an old thread, but since my original posts this is the present situation.

First, comments noted, thank you.

Stopped trying to read one seriously failing DVD-DL disc I have as there were very little gains when trying to read the remaining faulty sectors using different DVD writers/readers. So I managed to get hold of a “rental” copy of the disc and make a successful copy of that instead.

I haven’t purchased any other DVD writers as I can’t really afford to (some drives costing close to $100 !!), plus there is no guarantee that the drives would read my failing DVD’s anyway; an expensive gamble!

Replacement of the failing/faulty DVD’s is just about impossible now as they are no longer available for sale here. I’d have to try to find an international source for these DVD’s instead, a potentially expensive option!

At this time I’ve managed to make backup’s of my dual layer DVD’s -

Magnum PI
Murder, She Wrote
The Professionals
The Saint

I haven’t purchased any other series DVD’s (yet) as either they are unavailable here (yet), or too expensive when available.