Dvd writer no reading discs

I just bought a liteon 20x dvd writer .http://us.liteonit.com/us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=203&Itemid=67.It.

i run a dell xps first generation pc pen4 3.2 it meets all the req for the drive .
bios sees it as a cdrom drive and when i boot up. Its in my computer but it will no read any disc.It will just pause for a sec and open a blank window .The drive has power and starts up when i boot but will not read any disc .Now there is a bios update for my system but have no floppys right now to install the new bios would that solve my problem .I have already gone to the dell support pages and tried all the options with no luck .I have tried it has a master and slave drive still no luck. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

I also tried to adjust the upper and lower filters as per microsoft suggestion.I didn’t find any filter options to adjust in the reg that they pointed to.

Try to uninstall the burner, reboot and let the Windows (OS) find the buner and install it. Also go to the Device Manger and see if you cansee the drive there.

already did all that still no help.

looks like the drive is defective but to be 100% sure try to boot from it (the windows cd will be a good choice) , if it fails to boot then its defintly defective , and no a bios update will not help it got nothin to do with it , btw i can make you a bootable ISO for updating the bios if youll provide the exact model,also maybe theres a windows based update tool have a good look

ya i figure out its defective tried in 3 diff comps and get same thing.Ill just have to send it back.

Try to replace it with another brand of DVD drive.