DVD writer no longer reads CDs

I installed 6 months of windows “essential updates” yesterday (win XP Pro) and now my DVD writer (Sony DW-D22A) no longer recognises CDs, although it still plays DVDs.

In desperation, I uninstalled the updates, and it seems to have uninstalled random other programs at the same time (when i boot up, it tries to finish the installation of Roxio Media Creator by asking me to insert the CD… which it can’t read. Naturally, Roxio was working beforehand).

I found a LiteOn driver on driverguide, but it only rates a “medium safety (2 stars)” and I’m worried I’ll make things worse.

I’m not a techie, so any advice will have to be aimed at “idiot level”.


I don’t think any driver will fix it. I think what happened might be a co-incidence and might mean that your CD Laser is kaput.

See whether you can try other discs and see whether it will read. If it recognises DVD’s but nothing CD [blank or otherwise] then it’s possibly a CD Laser issue. I did find that I had liteon drives with erratic CD Lasers which would act dead and once restarted/cooled act just fine - if yours doesn’t - maybe time for a new drive.

Foolproof test - swap the drive and see whether the drive in a different computer exhibits the same problems.