DVD writer (matshita UJ-810) doesn't work



I just sign to this group cause am having problems with my DVD writer, I have a VAIO notebook (PCG-FR872) and it has a MATSHITA UJ-810 writer, I have no problems reading a CD or DVD, and I have no problem writing a CD either but Im trying to write a DVD with no luck, I already use Nero7 and Drag’n Drop CD + DVD but aparently for this softwares the drive is not for DVD writing, only take CD’s as valid disk, I think it doesn’t recognize that the DVD is already in or a problem like that. if anyone can helpme with that, I already download a firmware from:

and still the same.


Don’t use packet writing crap, use good media and try again.


Hi from France,

I ve seen your problem with the matshita UJ 810 and i’ve the same trouble.

Have you solved it ? Have you found a solution ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.


Either upgrade InCd to the latest version or just use the proper way of burning media to a DVD (that means not by drag and drop).