DVD Writer Mad Dog MD-16XDFI $29.02 CAN

OfficeDepot.ca is selling the Mad Dog MegaStore MD-16XDFI for $29.02 Canadian: http://www.officedepot.ca/ddSKU.do?level=SK&id=273696
Free shipping if you buy two.

Mad Dog site says MSRP is $60 U.S. and offers 2 year warranty. http://www.mdmm.com/spec.php?productid=157

MadDog use to repackage of NEC drives is good to know what they having in the box now.

I’ll know tomorrow morning when I pick one up (at the Brick and Mortar store) on the way to work.

NEC ND-3550A

It comes with Nero, as stated on the Office Depot site, not Roxio as stated on the Mad Dog site.

Mystery solved on the software. The paper tag the store clerk put on the Mad Dog box said MD-16XDFI, but I just looked at the box and it says MD-16XDVD9-8X.

Sorry for the conclusion. Think I’m still going to hunt for the MD-16XDFI as it sounds like a slightly better drive.

Just bought two MD-16XDFI’s. They are also NEC ND-3550A. But here is the difference: (1) March 2006 manufacturer date, instead of Feb. 2006 for the MD-16XDVD9-8X; and (2) Roxio instead of Nero software.

The version of Roxio Easy Media Creator [B]only[/B] supports VCD, not DVD.

The version of Nero includes special versions of Vision Express 3-SE and ShowTime 2 that do [B]not[/B] support DVD-Video or SVCD. And the MPEG-4 support is only a 30 day trial.