Dvd Writer Lifespan

I have bought a new Pioneer dvr 110D 16x and am burning at 4x. I am doing this since my other drive which is a Pioneer 8x used to stop occassionallly in half burnt dvds when I used it at 6x and 8x (replaced it because I tought it was defective but same happened - flash it to no avail.but at 4x it burns fine. The media I use is ATI. Can you please explain why? :sad:

Media from ATI, wot??!?
Flashing an defective burner with a new firmware cannot repair it - ever.

Make sure the 110 is connected using an 80 conductor IDE cable and setup and jumpered as MASTER drive.
Then check that it is running at UDMA 4 mode.

Also use good media, IMO.