DVD writer is burning corrupt data

Hi fellas,

I’ve recently discovered that my DVDRW (LiteOn SOHW 832s 8x DL) has been
burning BAD corrupted data.

I got it from Amer during the 2004 olympics (aug?)

It seems to be quite random which bytes are corrupted.
I got Nero to verify the disc and it failed that.
I did a binary comparison with Beyond Compare and that brought up plenty of
differences with the source files and the files on the DVDR.

The corruption occurs on four different media types, a TDK 8x, Imation 8x,
and Ritek 8x. All +R, as well as a 4x TDK -RW.

Of about 190 15mb files written to each disk, anywhere between 20-50 files
on each have corruption.

To rule out Nero, I tried other free DVD writing software, and they too came
up with errors.

I ran KProbe2 on the DVDRs and they didn’t come up with any PI error rates,
and only 1 or 2 PIF error rates. So it seems the media is actually fine when
it’s being read back. But just the actual DATA on there wasn’t written

Has anyone had this experience? I’m just worried that it might not be the
drive, and when I spend $80 to replace it, that doesn’t solve the problem.

Amer, any chance it’s still under warrentee?

This would be the 2nd of 3 optical writers I’ve purchased that bummed out
about a year after purchasing it.

Corrupted data can also appear from other issues, eg damaged cables, weak PSU, DEFECTIVE RAM, etc.

It’s virtually impossible for a burner to write “corrupted data”. The data is either corrupted before it reaches the burner, as in the case of overclocked PCI bus, or the problem is poor burn quality, in which case it’s a failure in reading, not corrupt data.
Do some Kprobe scans on the discs in question and post the results.

I will try replacing the cable tonight. But if the cable can read properly, but not write properly what’s that saying, the electrons can only go one way? I guess that could happen somehow eh.

I don’t think it’s defective ram because that would also show up elsewhere in the system, and not just burning dvds.

The data isn’t corrupt before it reaches the burner, because I’ve copied it to my flash disk. I’ve also burnt the same data to two different blanks to have different bits being corrupted.

I’m not doing any overclocking, I stopped doing that years ago. What’s the poor burn quality you’re talking about. If that means KProbe bad quality, then yeah. I have done scans of the discs I’ve written and they look fine. All having sub 30 PI errors and 1 or 2 PIF errors all with low scores.

I’ll post some scans when I get back home.

Apart from the verify failures, what makes you think that the data is corrupted? Verifying and file comparing aren’t always reliable. Simply copying the files to HD is a good a way as any to see if they are intact.

The files were all intact, but they were incorrect.

I was using Beyond Compare (An awesome comparison program for programmers and people who want to compare text files with one another, I highly recommend it) and it say the binary files differed.

Thankyou all for your suggestions.

It turns out that the IDE cable was the problem. I remember a fair while back when I had a hard drive plugged into that cable that files seemed to be corrupted and unreadable. I never found out why.

Little did I realise that it was the cable!

The cable is an older 40 pin IDE33 cable. It is also over a foot in length. It is plugged into a IDE100 chip, and I’d imagine that the DVD writer would be on IDE66.

I’d imagine that the cable not living up to the specifications, not being 80 pins and being over a foot resulted in the seemingly random data read/write errors.

The result of this, I have a NEW problem, and I will post it in the Video editing section.

I’ve been burning DVD-Video of my older VHS tapes.
I’ve burnt two copies of each DVD I’ve created.
I know that both copies of the DVD-Video will have errors in the bytes written.
It will be highly unlikely that the errors on each disk will be at the same locations.

When finding out which bytes differ on both discs, how can I tell which of the two discs has the correct value?
I’d require some sort of mpeg2 validator.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=155382#post1171237 is the new thread with my new problem if you have any suggestions on searching out an mpeg2 validator.