DVD writer is behaving wierdly...Help!

i have an Acer TravelMate 4602NWLMi lappy with a DVD dual drive.

The drive was working fine untill i formatted my system some 5 days ago and the drive started giving wierd problems. when i try to write dvds it gives an error “unable to recover TOC. Write process failed” and when trying to burn cds the burn process starts and after burning some 14-15 % cd the burn process fails without giving any error message. i have tried writing cd’s and dvd’s of multiple brands. even while reading some cds it is showing them as blank cds while is reading the exact image copy of the one of the cds made by my friends lappy! i have written cds and dvds from the same spindle packs before formatting. Help me guys… :confused:

Update the burn software immeditely!

i am using Nero 7 Ultra edition. and i tried using my old OEM version nero 6 express. same problem…

ok i will try some other software… can this be due to some dust on the lens…

Then update Nero 7.

ok my information might not be up to date but as far as i know nero 7 ultra edition is the latest version from nero and the same thing worked before 5-6 days and i have burned already some 12-15 dvds and some 10 cds already ( the laptop is only 1.5 months old)

“ultra” mean next to nothing.

Some 7.2.x version is the latest.

ok i will see to that and i will try to upgrade it as soon as possible

but does it seem like a burning software problem when it has worked perfectly for about a month…

Surely a software problem because you have re-installed your OS.

one of my friends had the upgrade. so i did the upgrade and it seems to work… thanks man :bow: