DVD Writer Intall Problem

After I replaced my DVD writer my system would not boot up. The fan was very loud and stayed on for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing comes up on the monitor and the hard drive light stays lit. I tried to shut it down by holding the power button in but it would not shut down. I ended up pulling out the power cord. I finally got it booted a while later and am still having diffulty booting up after a shut down. I have the system up now and under “My Computer” it lists my DVD Writer Drive as “F” and my CD ROM Drive as “DVD RAM -(E)” , whereas in the past the CD ROM Drive was listed as CD ROM and not DVD RAM. Looking at the properties of both drives, they are both listed as CD Drives. Using Nero tool shows the DVD Writer on “E” Drive and CD Drive on “F” drive. Neither drive reads a disk.

When I replaced the new DVD writer, I kept the same jumper setting - CS. I removed the CD ROM and the jumper is master. I changed the CD ROM to slave but that didn’t help the booting up issue. I then changed the DVD writer to master and CD to slave and still the same problem. I check to ensure that all cards and wires etc were seated properly. I’ve replaced drives in the past without any problems, although I am no expert at this. I know just enough to get by.

I’d appreciated any thoughts at what to try next.

Nope, the new drive has got the last drive number, means F:.

Your problem is wrong jumpering.

The drive on the end of the cable ihas to be set to MASTER, the other in themiddle of the cable to SLAVE.

You can adjust driveletters in the drive managment console/mmc.

Thanks Chef. Everything is running perfectly. And was able to rename the drives using a reg-edit program I found at Kelly’s Korner XP.