DVD Writer installation help

Hello all,

I need to install my dvd-rw drive. Is this an easy task to do or should I just take it in to a computer store for installation? I will be removing my cdrw and replacing it with the dvdrw. I will be using the dvdrw for ripping/recording and using my dvd rom for reading movies and music. I’m also running Windows XP Professional on the FAT32 system. Will the dvdrw running ok?

I checked out the system information and heres what I got:

Diskette Drive A: 3.5inch, 1.44MB
Diskette Drive B: Not Installed

Primary Drive 0: Hard Drive
Primary Drive 1 OFF
Secondary Drive 0 CD-ROM Reader
Secondary Drive 1 CD-ROM Reader

A suggestion was also made to make the dvdrw the Secondary drive and the dvd rom the slave drive. Right now, I believe my cdr drive is hooked up as the slave drive which is listed as Secondary drive 1 right?
This would mean I would have to switch the cables. Is this pretty much it? Is it just a strait swap with nothing else such as a BIOS update right?

Should just be a plugnplay installation. I have never had any problems with drives being primary or secondary. You just need to make sure that it’s not on the same channel as your primary Hard Drive. Best is set to master on secondary drive with cdr as slave. You will just need to check after you install it and boot up, to make sure that it is in dma mode.

Is it recognised as a DVDRW in the BIOS? What does the burning software say it is? Did you set the jumpers to slave? If swapping you will hav to change the jumpers on the drives correspondingly other than that it is a straight swap.

When I do an F1 while the computer is booting, it doesn’t recognise the DVDRW. Both the DVD-ROM and CDRW drives are refered to as CD-ROM readers. When I use Nero, it identifies the CDRW as NEC NR_7800. How do I know which is set to master and slave?

Go into your device manager, and look at the IDE’s. Then you can see what is where. You may need to check both drives on the cable where you hooked up the new drive, and make sure the one on the end is Master (by using jumper pin settings), and the one in the middle as Slave.

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