DVD-writer - how to choose (ver 2)

DVD-writer - how to choose (ver 2)
It’s my first time to buy a DVD writer.

  1. What do I need to know/notice when choosing a good DVD writer?
    (eg what aspects/specifications do I need to focus on)

  2. I know there’re 5 DVD format all together (ie DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-

In fact, what’s the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW?
And does anyone think DVD-RAM is useful?
Should I try to find a DVD-write which can read all DVD formats?

Maybe it’s a stupid question.
a) But is it true all DVD-writers can read CD and VCD (Video CD)?
b NEW[/b] And is it true all DVD-writers support at least DVD+/-R, and


Which brand or model will you suggest me buying?
And why?

I would like the DVD-writer:

  • stable (or longer warranty period)
  • can read most discs correctly (and even lower-quality discs)
    PS: I don’t know, but some DVD-players (stand-alone, not for computers) have problems

reading some discs while the discs is not corrupt or naytihng similar and can be read

by others.

  • writing speed doesn’t need to be too high (since I repfer to write discs at lower


  • the noise factor is unimportant (unless it is too loud)

Info about my computer:

  • my motherboard is A7N8X-X, only support up to 2*UDMA 133
  • I have 2 HDDs and 1 CD-RW currently. I think the DVD-writer will replace the CD-RW.
  • I don’t use any firmware
  • I use my DVD writers mainly for reading videos/audios, burning DVDs for

videos/audios, and for file storage & data backups.

[ver 2] NEW
5) Dual/double layer writing tech
I’ve heard about double-layer writables.
What is it? What does it do?
What benefits does it provide?
How expensive will a DVD writers be if I wish to have such technology?
Can a normal DVD player (standalone, not computer) read this DVD written by this


[ver 2] NEW
6) Region-code
As to region-code, I have a DVD-reader on my mobile computer.
It’s strange that I can set the region codes for 4 times only. I can never change it

afterward (even if I reformat my computer).
So if there’s any way that I can eliminate the DVD-region trouble, or have a DVD

writer which can read/write all DVDs with any region codes. It would be perfect.

Thanks for your help. :smiley: