DVD Writer gone maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

okay, here’s the deal guys, I REALLY hope you can help me out… my DVD burner (a CD/DVD+rw RW5120 which came with my computer) decided it doesnt exactly like me. I figured out that its made by Ricoh, so I went and tried to update my firmware, but in doing so, screwed up the burner. I tried to see if i could re-install the drive, not remembering that firmware stuff is located ON the drive itself. The burner is now recognized as “Ricoh programloader 70”, and wont read DVD’s or CD’s… any suggestions?

“Ricoh programloader 70”? Then that means that the flash failed and that your drive is running on the drive’s bootcode in a fail-safe mode.

I am not familiar with Ricoh drives, but generally, when this happens, the only way to fix it is to simply try the flash again because right now, preferrably after you figure out what caused the flash to fail the first time around.

I second that, “Ricoh programloader xxx” means that the flash failed, the drive is in failsafe kinda mode and awaits a proper flashing.
If it won’t work, then try another RFLASH version, preferabily the latest release.
If you get an NGNGNG errormessage, you have used the wrong OEM/retail firmware. Eg. if you have an MP5120 then use the flashing package/firmware for the MP version and not those for the RW (OEM) version.

You can use firmwares from here, because your drive is an OEM version of the Ricoh 5120.