DVD Writer for copying DVD-RAM (VR Mode)



I have a Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD recorder, and primarily use DVD-RAM discs to take advantage of editing and chasing playback features.

I am looking for an external DVD writer to copy DVD-Ram discs onto DVD-Rs. I have heard that since Panasonic DVD-Ram discs are recorded in the VR mode, some writers (or software) cannot read them.

I am considering the Sony DRX830U which comes with Nero 7 suite software. Does anyone know if this unit/software would be compatible with DVD-Ram recordings made in the VR mode?


It depends on the Nero’s version that comes with the Sony.
The Nero Vision package included in Nero 7 deals with DVD-RAM and the VR format (besides namig it as VFR for -R and RAM discs and +VR for +R discs), as you can see here:

However there are a lot of other packages that support the file format, as this is not a matter of the media support (DVD-RAM, DVD+RW or DVD-RW).