DVD Writer doesn't read DVD's

Hello guys,
I have a LG DVD writer(Make:HT-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N) and the problem with DVD writer is, it reads CD’s but does not read DVD’s.
When ever i insert a DVD the green light blinks for sometime and stops.
Neither can i play DVD’s nor view files on DVD.
The same doesn’t happen when i insert CD’s.

Techies please help me out.

What DVDs have you tried to read?

Hello chef,
I basically made Data DVD’s using my LG DVD writer.
Now the writer doesn’t detect those data DVD’s.
What to do.
Please help

Try to access some DVDs, evenm pressed ones, from SAFE MODE (F8 at startup).
Also try to boot from bootable DVDs.

If both fails,. the dvd part may be dead… then try cleaning the lens as a last resort.

Thanks chef for the suggestion.
I will do that and get back to you.


Hello chef,
I have tried both the options suggested by you(Safe made & bootable DVD’s).But still my DVD writer does not detect DVD’s.
I have even tried cleaning the lens but shows the same result.
can you suggest me what can be done next if there are any.


[QUOTE=chef;2441364]then try cleaning the lens as a last resort.[/QUOTE]

Voids warranty.

The [B]GSA-H55N[/B] is an old drive and probably is out of warranty, but that wasn’t specified by the OP, so if the drive is out of warranty i don’t see any reason why the OP should not try to clean the lens.