DVD writer does not recognize writable media

Just the cabling. Motherboard should not pose any problems.

Ok, since I only have one 80 way cable and when I swap the cables over (so the HDDs are on the 40 way cable) the computer fails to boot, I’m going to have to reply with the results when I’ve been able to buy a new cable, which since I’m working over christmas (boo hoo) may take a little while (a couple of days perhaps).

Cheers all.

AFAICT, I should be looking for a blue, grey and black connector on the new IDE cable, is this right?

Let us know how it works out. Welcome to the forum BTW.

Thanks, you’ve all certainly given a good deal of time to this, which is appreciated.

Last idea-maybe:)
Try the old drive with a fresh install of your favorite burning program (Nero in your case) on the old cable. You said early on that the new drive was very sluggish and I will assume from that alone that it is not functioning correctly regardless of software or even firmware. Your motherboard is certainly up to the task, btw.
I use nothing but 80 conductor cables as they are much better suited to the current HDD and optical setups out there today. It is very possible that the 40 pin one is bad at this point as well since you have tested and now find that the HDD’s are not booting either.
Good luck and happy New Year

Hi again,
Both IDE Channels are now on 80 way cables, but the drive is still not recognizing writable CDs or DVDs. I checked the DMA mode of the secondary channel - where my drive is, and the first (and only) device on it, is in “Ultra DMA mode 4”.

Since that didn’t work I got rid of any device drivers that were not happy (uninstall in the devce manager) - that included a via scsi driver - I don’t have scsi anything. So now in Info Tool, it shows my 1y and 2y IDE channels fine (it used to show two primary channels!).

Still no joy and the same symptoms persist…

In the device manager, under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers there is still “VIA Bus Master IDE Controller” but that’s always been the case, and looks happy, even though I don’t know what the hey it’s for :slight_smile:

Edit: Just checked and it still happily plays dvds.