DVD Writer Decision

I’m very skeptical that DVD format war will show its end soon.

It <b>seems</b> + got an advantage as of now, but you never know how market will fluctuate.

The problem is…I just can’t decide which drive is the best option right now. Of course, if I had 300 dollars to spend on a DVD writer I’d buy Sony’s DRU-500AX without a second thought.
Unfortunately, I do not want to spend that much money on it. Max I would spend is $200 at the moment.

So what should I do? Wait till DRU-500AX price drop? Or go with cheap but fast NEC ND-1100A?

Any recommendations/commends are welcome.

Read up the reviews on Pioneer A05. This is the next best thing to the Sony 500 model.

It depends on when you wanna buy it.

If you got time, wait for the Lite-On writer (DVD+ -R/RW) or LG writer (DVD+ -R/RW -RAM), these will be a lot cheaper than the SONY, but will perform the same (maybe even better).

If you can buy cheap and good DVD+R/DVD+RW media, go with NEC ND-1100A.