DVD writer conflict

(I’m not sure if I’m in the proper place- please excuse if not.)
I upgraded RecordNow and also downloaded Windows Media (since uninstalled) Now my dvd burner doesn’t work. i have a firmware update that is supposed to help, but I must burn it to use it and i can’t burn anything. Then I thought i would uninstall RecordNow and recover the original application, but it is not in my uninstall program. So, can you tell me either how to get the updated RecordNow to work, or how to uninstall Record now so I can reinstall the oem version? thanks kindly.
by the way I get an error as follows
Sense:03 ASC: 10 ASCQ:00 (Command BE) px.dll:


Bit of a problem here :).

Recordnow, at least in my experience, integrates with windows media player (if that is what you are referring to by

Windows Media

Problem is, Microsoft have a thing about making everything compatible with their software, which means that companies have to pay to get Microsofts approval.

Up to a point this means absolutely jack, unless Microsoft have deliberately knocked your dvd writer on the head, as it were.

Solutions for this vary:

  1. Install a more reliable and respected media burning suite (such as Nero, which i recommend, as it has never failed me)

  2. See if Microsoft have thrown your writer overboard by following this rather obscenely long link :slight_smile: Microsoft HCL

  3. Do a system restore to oust RecordNow from your system, or run the installation again and choose the repair option when you are asked

  4. (Not Recommended, just listing all possibilities) Encourage Microsofts immaturity and chirlishness by buying a supported DVD burner. Seriously, don’t do this :disagree:.

Try to get back to me soon if you continue to have problems.

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