DVD Writer Compatibility (Mac G4/466mhz) OS X 10.3.3


I know that this isn’t exactly the central for Mac-heads, but I’ve tried to find some info on this but have been very unsuccessful.

Am trying to find a DVD Writer that would work on my Old G4 466mhz running OS X 10.3.3

The NEC 2500A and the Liteo 812s look like good contenders to me, but I’ve no idea if they would work on my hardware or not.
Are the drivers for dvdwriters generic, or do they all/some have need for special drivers?.

Anyone got any ideas?

Any DVD writer will work with your Mac. You don’t need any special drivers to get your Mac to recognize a DVD writer (or a CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or combo driver for that matter).

The issue is iApps support (iTunes, Finder disc burning, iDVD). The only “officially-supported” 8x DVD burner for OS X 10.3.3 is the Pioneer DVR-107D. This means that once connected to your Mac, you don’t need to install any additional driver to get iTunes, iDVD and the Finder to recognize the drive and use it to burn CDs and/or DVDs. Critical if you use those apps to burn your CDs & DVDs.

But if you’re using Toast Titanium 5.x/6.x or any other third-party disc-burning app (DragonBurn, etc.) for your CD and DVD-burning needs, then “official” support it not an issue since Toast Titanium, etc. will recognize and burn to most 8x DVD burners out there, irregardless of whether OS X 10.2.x/10.3.x “officially” supports the drive.

I’m currently using a NEC ND-2500A with my dual-1.25GHz MDD G4. It’s a great choice because of: 1.) excellent burning quality; 2.) relatively cheap; 3.)you can give it iApps support by installing a special driver by LaCie. It’s been great so far. I use Toast Titanium 6.0.5 for burning, and MacTheRipper + DVD2OneX for backing up my collection of DVD movies.

Email me at henjie@NOSPAMinfo.com.ph if you have any additional questions , remove NOSPAM from the addy. :wink:


Thank you very much for the help!

Unfortunately here in Ireland hardware is insanely expensive, so i’ll have to get someone back home to order one and ship it to me :slight_smile:

but now I can order one in good confidence that it’ll work

Thanks again

You can then get the driver for it and most other internal DVD burners here

Hey There. I have just replaced the cd r/rw/dvd-rom combo drive in my eMac G4 700 mhz 640mb ram (OS X 10.3.5) with the NEC 2500A and all is working well. I burnt my first dvd with Toast Titanium 6.07 with no problems. I did need to apply the patch from Lacie - http://www.lacie.com/download/drivers/LaCieProfile.dmg - for the finder and iApps to recognise the burn capability however. I would have prefered an external firewire burner due to the ease of installation, but this was the cheapest option and I have the tools and skills to take an eMac to pieces - careful of the 10,000 V discharge voltage from the CRT. :wink:
It burns and reads everything except dvd-ram, so unless this is important I think its a good burner for the price. I also read that new g5’s are being sold with the NEC 2500A inside so they obviously meet minimum requirements for Mac’s.