Dvd writer/cd writer problem

Hi everybody!

WE just recently got a new computer. It came with windows home edition, then i upgraded it to professional. The computer has a dvd-rom drive and a hp dvd writer/cd writer combo drive. Now the problem is i can’t get the burner to burn anything. When i open Nti cd maker 6 platinum it says No Supported Drive Detected! I have also tried Nero and an older version of Nti but still no better results. Any help would be greatly appreacated.

I am not an expert in DVD writers ‘yet’ but this is what I would try first:
1.Uninstall Nti…& Nero and reinstall them again(if they were already on your system when you upgraded windows)
2.Uninstall the IDE controllers and reboot and wait for windows XP pro to recognise your drives again.
For uninstalling the IDE controllers:
Right click on ‘my computer’>>Properties>>hardware>>device manager>>click the plus sign besides 'IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers>>right click on Primary and secondary IDE Channel>>uninstall>>Reboot
Hope this helps.

Ok i did that. Its just back to how it was before again. It reconizes the dvd rom and the other one it labels as DVD/Cd-rw but does not ask for a disk or anything when you click on it. Would the Universal Serial bus Controller have anything to do with it?

Have you seen if your drive has a yellow exclamation mark near it in start >> control panel >> system >> hardware >> device manager? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drive?

Could the Usb controller have something to do with it?

It has the drive listed and i tried installing/uninstalling it. The usb controller has a yellow mark beside it.

I tried uninstaling it then reinstaling it again and now its calls it a “cd drive”

I tried uninstaling then reinstaling the drive. Now it has it labeled as a cd-rom.

Did you install your chipset drivers? If not, please try to do so.

If you don’t know what drivers to install, please post your system brand/type here if it’s an OEM system; otherwhise, post your mainboard brand/type here… so we can help you!


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Sorry about that crosspost.

I tried unhooking then rehooking up the burner and am back to square one again.

The computer is as follows:

Amd Athlon™XP 2600+
2.08 Ghz
512 ram
All the chips and that are instaled except a Universal Serial Bus Controler has a yellow mark beside it.
Dvd rom
hp dvd writer/cd-writer combo.

Thanks for the help!

"The problem is due to a corrupt ASPI Layer on your computer. Below are the steps to restore your ASPI Layer: For 95: A. Shutdown and restart your computer in MS-DOS mode (DO NOT USE THE MS-DOS Prompt Icon!). B. Enter the following lines at the C: prompt to rename the existing files: ren c:\windows\system\winaspi.dll winaspi.mrx ren c:\windows\system\wnaspi32.dll wnaspi32.mrx ren c:\windows\system\iosubsys\apix.vxd apix.mrx C. Put the Windows 95/98 CD-ROM into CD-ROM drive(we’ll assume that it’s D drive). D. At the C: prompt enter the following lines(If your CD-ROM is uses E,F,G,H as a drive letter, substitute your own for drive D). Windows 95 (Note the /l is a lowercase L) extract /y /l c:\windows\system d:\win95\win95_03.cab winaspi.dll extract /y /l c:\windows\system d:\win95\win95_03.cab wnaspi32.dll extract /y /l c:\windows\system\iosubsys d:\win95\win95_03.cab apix.vxd Windows 98 A. Click on Start, go to Programs, go to Accessories, and go to System Tools, then System Information. B. Click on Tools, then System File Checker. C. Click on extract one file from the installation disc D. Type winaspi.dll E. Click on Start F. Insert Windows 98 disc. In the restore from field, click on browse and look for your CD-ROM drive, G. In the restore from field, click on browse and look for your CD-ROM drive. H. Click on your drive, then click on the plus sign, click on the WIN 98 folder and click OK. I. In the Save In field you should see c:\windows\system J. Click OK, click on skip when it asks if you want to backup the file. K. Follow the same steps for the wnaspi32.dll file restoration. L. For the next file, apix.vxd, repeat steps 2-10 but for step 9 you should use c:\windows\system\iosubsys; in place of c:\windows\system. "

The answer from socketA can’t be right - the guy has Windows XP Home, which doesn’t ship with an ASPI layer. You don’t usually need an ASPI layer these days, though there are still some applications that require it.

Increasingly burning software uses SPTI - which, if you install the Nero BurnRights utility and set the availability of Nero to Everyone, becomes available to users without Administrative privileges. I don’t know how this fits in to XP Home - but maybe it is necessary if you normally run, as is a good idea, with what I think is termed Limited or Restricted user privileges (quick check - log in as a user with Administrative privileges and see if your writer becomes available). I’m only familiar with XP Professional.

The ! on the USB controller really ought to be sorted, but probably isn’t the issue here. Try uninstalling that device using the Device Manager, and reboot. Windows should redetect it and hopefully install the drivers correctly.


The problem is with ther instaal of NTI-7. It kills the optical drive ( software).
Uninstall NTI and problem solved