DVD Writer Cant read Disc



Ok I’m new to this forum and need some help trying to play back DVD
in computers DVD Re Writer but the disc is not being read by the drive
MSI DR4-A or my Toshiba Combo Drive I have tried using Any DVD and DVD Region Free, DVD Idle but they dont help I know the disc is a DVD-9 and is PAL Format and from what I know that both my drives have a least 1 more use before they are locked to my region (region2) so… can anyone shed some light on this as it is doing my head in… I can playback the disc in my home DVD player just cant get the drive/s to see that a DVD is there for them to read… oh on this subject the DVD has a second disc with all the extras and this plays back fine it seems it just the main disc with the movie…



There’s a possibility (can’t guarantee it though) that a firmware update for the DVD drive might solve the problem…


Thanx GristyMcFisty will try that and see what happens lets hope this fix’s this


What error msg do you get? if any?
Can you navigate through the disc with explorer? or does the drive say its empty?
Does this disc play in a stand alone dvd player at all?
Is the disc dirty / scratched?
Is it an original / copy?


Ok here the problem when I insert the DVD(original) into the DVD Writer or the Combi Drive it just looks like I havent inserted any disk at all trying to explore the disc doest do anything it just as I said if there nothing in drive this only happens with the main disc that has the movie on Disc 1 but if you insert Disc 2 with all the extras you know cut seens director talking about movie it plays ok. It does play all ok in my home cinema DVD player both Discs 1+2 it just doesnt seem to show in my PC Drives it just a pain in the A** as every other disc I throw at the drives play back great so any help would be great as I have already said I have tried DVD Region Free And DVD Idle as the disc is a import (I think it is region 4or5) thats why I got region free so I could play back on my PC so I will leave you to dwell over this problem and hope you can help.