DVD-writer burns it´s serial-number on DVD?




I heard that every DVD-writer burn it´s own serial-number on every DVD? How can I found out, is that true or not? Is there a software to read the serial-number on the burned DVD?



Not true.


True. At least for DVD-R(W). I don’t know about +R(W)
You just need to issue the right command. Since I’m currently at work, I can’t find out the exact command for this unfortunately.


E.G. when using DVDInfoPro and the right cmd from the advanced cmds then you can see the serial of the burner drive…

Read burn info from media DVD-R/RW” will show you the info, of course only with the mentioned type of media.


             Info on burner used to create this disc                 

PIONEER Dxxxxxxxxxxx DVD RW DVR 109


Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Seems to be that only DVD-R burns the serial on DVD, +R not.


I wouldn’t be to sure of that.
You could study the whitepapers to find it out…


Where I can get the whitepapers?


Whoa! That’s pretty messed up, I think! Any way to change the drive’s serial number?


I’m not sure if that cmd is even supported by all burners…

Some serials can be changed during a firmware upgrade.


For NEC drives, it should be pretty easy to write nonsense instead of the drive’s serial number to the disc, but I don’t know about other drives/firmwares.