Dvd writer best for dvd-rw maxell or phillips?

I reckon the title says it all but i should expand a little.
I have specific requirements and have read the reviews but I am having difficulty finding reviews that have tested dvd-rw discs from the brands maxell and phillips. If none can be suggested then i guess a burner thats good at dvd-rw discs in general.

I want the burner to burn avis/xvid to dvd discs and play them in a domestic dvd player a toshiba dual dvd player/video recorder.

Okay i think thats it so thanks for your time reading this and i await your suggestions.


BTW the phillips is a “ritek W01” media manufacturere. I havent bought the maxell dvd-rw yet as the cd-rw didnt work well with my btc drive. Hopefully I can get a decent writer now my btc is failing/overheating.


Why these brands in particular?

Verbatim 6x DVD-RW and Ricoh 8X DVD+RW would be my first choice. And these would burn well on most of the popular brand burners.

Its just what available locally ie Argos in uk. With them being rewritable I plan to use say 10 discs until they dont work anymore as i wipe things after i have seen them. Buying in bulk wouldnt be economical with postage since i reuse the ones i have got already. Never seen any ricoh discs have seen verabtim but they were double layer and i only require single layer discs. Ihave not come across Ricoh anywhere maybe its a uk/us thing.


I understand.

Personally I very rarely buy computer products from the local shops. I prefer on-line & the media I refer is available at SVP . They also do a reasonable range of DVD writers.

The Philips they do there is actually a Liteon and for £20 is an absolute bargain. Also the Pioneers are pretty good.

So if you can order online then SVP is the place to go.

Going back to the topic of your post. Many currently recommend the LG4167, Pioneer 110D, NEC 4551.

BTW Verbatim 4x DVD+RW/-RW should be available at PC World, Staples etc.

Same here for hardware its just media is low price and u have to factor in post and pack :frowning:
Thanks for the SVP link have u returned anything to them before? then i will know if they are a good dealer or not.

Not too bothered about bargains as such with the writer just want the best i can get.
I have looked at the pioneer and the nec with the reviews on here but what about the sony 810 since isnt this a rebadged benq 1240 whcih is available no matter how hard i look :frowning:

ahh right staples and pc world are out of town but i could get there on foot just a pain :slight_smile: thanks for the info though.