DVD writer 4 panasonic dvd-cv51?



Just spent 7 hours reading at various sites.

Here’s a long shot. Anyone own the Panasonic dvd cv51 player and have a dvd writer that works with it? Would you share this with me?

I have found a chart that shows it should read both + and -formats. ( not DVD-RAM ) I thought I had it all worked out.

Wouldn’t mind some more opinions on nec1300A or the optorite 0203 ( but I think I’ve given up on it. ), or …? What’s good and also cheap? The Sony’s seem to make the most people happy, but it seems all writers have some sort of issues. It’s not as clear as the incredible info here that helped me buy the Liteon 32123S. That was a no brainer!

I was ready to try the 1300A, but then I read a thread that discussed book type issues, so now I’m concerned. The last thing I want is to be stuck shipping back a writer that works, but is not compatible with my player.

Any suggestions?