DVD write speeds/ media used

Posted a problem yesterday and thanks to a lot of help have now sorted out a problem with burning a DVD movie. This leads me onto a stupid question! I upgraded my Pioneer DVR 109 to an A09 by crossflashing. This was to get it working primarily, but I hear a lot of people talking about speed.

Couple of questions

  1. Does the speed of the media as printed on the packaging restrict the speed of your drive i.e the media I used was Maxell 1-4 speed and I got a speed of about x4. or can you achieve better speeds by chaniging settings somewhere.

  2. If you can get higher speeds then what do you need to do to get them, bear in mind i have done all the necessary firmware updates and I am using the quiet drive utility in performance mode etc. Clearly if the anwer to Q.1 is yes then I assume I just have to buy faster media?

Cheers - I know this is an easy one for you all.

Media can only be written at a certain speed, some media is marked as say x4 but some good drives can write it at x8. Your media might not be able to be overspeeded or your drive might not be able to overspeed that media in particular.

Disks have a maximum write speed, sometimes it is higher than those printed on the packaging but not always.

I’m far from an expert but you might want to look on the pioneer area of the hardware sub forum, there’ll probably be a list of media and how fast they can be burnt there.

High quality media can often be written at speeds higher than it is rated for, but it is best to burn any media at or near the rated speed. Overburning can reduce the quality of the burn in most cases.

Thanks for the help - it’s roughly what I thought - so when you here people saying that got x8 speed,x12 speed, etc DVD burning - They are probably using higher spec media.


Either that, or they have flashed with modified firmware that allows certain medias to be burned faster than the rated speed. Either way, the only media that I would even consider to burn over the rated speed, is Taiyo Yuden. Even then, I would only burn the 8x at 12x.