DVD write read sata non blu ray internal

I’m trying to decide on a replacement for my current DVD/CD burner player. I would appreciate any comments from those more experienced with these devices tha I am. Current drive is an LG about six-seven years service and much has happened in these drives in that time:doh:
I’m not a heavy user but I want a very good product.
I need an internal drive and I have no use for blu ray or HD at this time (maybe in my new build later). I need dual layer, preferably read and write to all media types, fast and reliable and quiet. My budget is not a factor. It must be SATA.
I guess I’m asking for a lot but I’m happy to pay for what I need, whatever it costs, if I can find it. If I cannot find exactly what I want, I’ll start working backwards from there. High quality brand name retail product.


I’d go then for Optiarc AD-724x series or Pioneer. At the moment, I consider these as best general use drives.


try pioneer.

Thanks for the responses, I’ll decide between those two.