DVD worse Quality than VCD / playing circle / regional codes?


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I have just created my first video DVD using the DVDFlick software. It contains two short movies by Walt Disney which I downloaded (.flv) from YouTube.

Question 1) Why is the picture quality much worse than the VCD I produced the other day with the same movies (converting .flv to .avi, then converting .avi to .mpeg-1 and then burning, and still after all that converting the picture quality is much better on the VCD)?

Question 2) How can I avoid that the DVD starts playing from the beginning after the second movie has ended?

Question 3) Do self-made DVDs have a region code, too, like bought ones, or can they be played everywhere in the world?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Quality varies according to the source. By default, most flv files are very low resolution and quality to keep the file size small. Converting files to DVD does NOT make them DVD quality, it simply makes them playable on a DVD player. If you want DVD quality, then start with DVD or HD source material.

  2. Likely a result of the authoring app used, in your case, DVDFlick. The DVD player itself can also perform this function.

  3. By default, most DVD burning software does not set region codes. However, aside from region codes, you also have to consider the video type. There are two, NTSC and PAL. Not all players can handle both video types, regardless of the region code being removed.

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