DVD works on 3 players but 4th skips parts and chapters

This is really crazy I have a $250 LG upconverting DVD player and I just burned The Departed and it works fine on my old as dirt RCA and 1 year old $20 CyberHome progressive scan DVD player and would you believe the LG HD upconverting one is the player that will not work properly. It doesn’t matter what DVD+R I use, It’s almost like it fast forwards itself until it gets to the end of the movie and it stops. I think it’s possessed. Anyone have issues with DVD players doing this? It really sucks the bag. if anyone can help me if they need more info I’d be happy to give it out, thanks much

I am using Maxell 16x DVD+R discs.

Some Players are just really , really picky … My PS2 can be picky also …

You could do worse than Maxell … but you could also do better

Try Using some Verbatim or TY Media

Are you Book-Typing to DVD-ROM ?

Try Burning at 8x ( 1/2 the Rating ) - if you aren’t already

Have you Updated the Firmware for your Burner ?

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