DVD won't work.NO WAY

Hello.My DVD player on my COmpaq pressario has just stopped working.I don’t just mean that it doesn’t show the title of the disc on my computer.I mean it’s f***ed…The disc won’t even spin.I can still see lights on it but other than that…nothing.It all started out of the blue.The first time it didn’t recognise a dvd was when i inserted a “simpsons series” dvd,could it have anything to do with its copy protection thing?Everything else works fine.Scanned my system with Norton 2008 and it shows no virus.The only thing ive tried so far is downloading and using microsoft guided help,which didnt do shit.A last thing id like to mention is that when i turn on my computer and before i do anything on it,it says “DVD RAM” on my computer,after I’ve tried to watch or insert something it turns to “CD-R drive”.

Excuse my swearing,im just very stressed cause i can’t take it anymore…the pc problems.Anything you could tell me helps…Thanks for reading this

What kind of Drive is it? And how long have you had it? Have you tried cleaning it with a lens cleaner? From what i have learned drives go bad and the good thing is there pretty cheap 30 bucks for a decent one. If the disc don’t spin at all then you might have either a laser or drive motor bad. I would save myself the trouble like i did and buy a new drive. Make sure you find out if its IDE or SATA first.

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to sort out a bad drive, try to boot off a bootable CD or (even better) DVD. My personal favourites are Damn Small Linux for CD, and Knoppixfor DVD.
Of course, you need a broadband internet connection and a working CD/DVD burner (or a friend with that equipment).
A Windows install CD (XP and older) or a Vista DVD should work also.

If these discs work, then there is a problem with your Windows installation, perhaps introduced by some rogue copy protection mechanism.