DVD won't show burned content



So I just got done burning a bunch of media on my Verbatim DVD+R then to make sure everything was there I tried to test it out by reinserting the DVD in both my desktop and laptop but the problem is that they are not showing any content.

The drivers are reading that it has 4gb+ of content on it and I can physically see the line on the back of the DVD. I did not burn anything hidden and made sure, just in case, that the check mark for hidden folders was enabled to show. I burned it at 4x and could see the files being burned while the program did its thing.

I am thinking that the problem is that I made one folder with the media inside. That is weird though since it shouldn’t do this. I also have tried to type the file path but nothing.

Anyone know what’s up with this or had a similar problem? Want to know before I retry but without the folder.

By the way I have done this before with the same DVDs and program with a lot of folders (checked and everything), but the only difference this time is that I renamed the folder inside before burning.