Dvd wont read

ok guys i looked around on the net befor i posted this but the pc i have has are dvd\cd-rw and well the cd part is find but the dvd wont read the burned dvd’s were all my song’s and stuff are i dont have are clue of what model it is doesnt say but if open and close the drive afew time’s then it read’s what is on there just wont let me get to it i get this cycle error i am going insane been at this all nite if you can help me work it out then yea ty


i have tryed uninstall and reinstall still no go.

If you’re trying to find the model of your dvd/cd player you can look in device manager in control panel and it should tell you or nero info tool will tell you.

yea i ended up with the model of it after about 12 hours it is just it wont read any dvd that goes in the drive cd’s yea but dvd it wont unless i open and close it.