DVD wont read with Vista

Hello The Group
I have a problem that has just raised it’s head and I would be grateful for any assistance.
My current PC is running Vista Home Edition as its O/S, and the version of DVDFab is
Platinum, the disc I was trying to Back up is Pimeval (disc one)
My problem is I have made a copy, which plays on two separate standalone and my XP computer but will not open in the PC that has written it - ie the Vista OS computer.
My deduction that it is either a Vista set-up or 4,1,2,0 problem but which is the culprit. has anyone come across this before or can offer a solution
Signals :bow: (Glad to see you back Paul) was good enough to give me an ABC 123 listing of settings way back when! but I’m wondering if an update is required
I’m not sure which section to post this is, so possibly one of our seniors will relocate it if required
Clive (AKA Lord Ogmore !!)

Some further information following reading “Similar Threads” below my post (I did do a search but obviously didn’t ask the right question to trigger a link!!!
I have copied on this machine before but not 100% sure it was using the current DVDFab version – the blanks I’m using are Sony DVD-RW. I have this feeling totally non technical that there is a box ticked or not ticked somewhere
Thanks for the tolerance

DvdFab is updated (currently) to

Update and try again…though i doubt that will solve the problem.

Does the drive recognize other backup copies?

Hi 7thSinger,
Thanks for the ideas – Iwill make a copy of a simular disc using
Then update to Ver 5 if the problem repeats and repeat again.
but as I say Thanks

A possibly relevant update, I made a copy of “OZ” using the same set up With the same results unsatisfactory results ------ Playable on XP Computer and standalone But NOT with the Vista OS PC.

A idea occurred and I made a copy using Platinum’s re burn facility (i.e. the same read as to the Rewritable Sony Disc) to burn to a Write ONCE disc and THIS WAS READ by the Vista PC!!!
How relevant this is I submit to greater Minds then mine
Any help suggestion accepted

It may be that the optical drive you have in the Vista PC is having trouble reading that type of disc. Try a different optical drive and see if that works.


Post back with results.

Good Evening

The right track May have been found!!!
My internal Dvd Reader writer is a ATPI DVDA DH20A4P and the unit I use to Write is a USB TSSTCorp CD?DVDW SH -51262L
The USB had given sterling service since I had it some 12 months ago the ATPI, but the internal has been giving some grumbles since I had it BUT WORKED OK – the beginning of the week (since the problem I sought advice on) it started making a sound like a jet turbine with Bronchitis so I’m awaiting an engineers intervention and opinion.
It was such a strange problem to me I thought I would throw it into the forum for advice
May I thank you for your thoughts and time taken to respond, I will for certain forward ANY information as soon as it arrives
Thanks big time

Keep us posted CBundy.