DVD won't play!

Got a quick question. A friend of mine just called and said he couldnt play an original dvd on on his dvd player in his computer. He had to rebuild the machine last night to due to some issues and now dvd’s wont play. It is of my opinion that he doesnt have any media on the machine to play the dvd and thus is the problem. What do you guys think? If so, whats a good free player for the pc i can tell him to download. Thanks.

Windows Media Player 9
Media Player Classic

Both are free, but I’m not sure how good they are at playing DVDs.

In my experience, they don’t play DVD’s at all.

There is a free trial version of DVD X Player available here:

Take a look here for share- and freeware players ready to download.

Windows Media Player 9.0 will play DVD’s and actually quite well… but if you’re looking for a prog with the sole purpose of playing DVD’s then I’m going to recommend InterVideo DVD Player… I believe you can download a demo/trail from the website (try a google search)

Well, I’ll be damned. You can play a DVD in Media Player 9!
I could have swarn I tryed that before and failed. My only question is, how do you turn off the subtitles in WMP9?

jetAudio Basic is a full featured media player with integrated CD burning and ripping capabilities. It supports all the popular media formats including MP3, OGG, MPG, AVI, WMA and many others. jetAudio can also play DVDs and VCDs and act as your default player for all selected formats. Additional features include CDDB support, integrated lyrics viewer, Monkeys Audio support, skins, visualizations and just about everything else you`d expect from a multimedia player. An optional Pro version offers support for broadcasting and mp3PRO formats. http://www.jetaudio.com/