Dvd wont play

i just got a new pc and it came equiped with a dvd-ram (hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-4040b) and i was using my older one on my laptop witch was a dvd+r 8x to burn but it took forever. my new burner the dvd ram, it rips and burns in 10 mins, but when i put it in to play in my dvd player it says no disk. i am using dvd+r 16x as it is a 16x burner. i use dvd-xcopy aswell. can someone help me please because i am really pissed.


GSA 4040 a 16x DVD burner? No way!

4x MAX for DVD.

it doesnt sound right? im real confused, sorry

You mean you burn a DVD VIDEO disc on the 4040 and then want to play the disc on a standalone?

What model is the standalone?

If you are wanting to burn dvd’s to play in a standalone unit, first look up your standalone unit on www.videohelp.com, and see if it plays +r or -r media. I don’t think you will find many units that will play -RAM dvd’s. Your unit is only capable of burning +r or -R media at 4x speed. That will be fine if you buy quality media which will produce good burns at 4x. You should look at either verbatim MCC code media, or Taiyo Yuden, and you won’t find much in the way of 4x media, but you can buy 8x media and burn it safely at 4x. You generally use DVD-RAM for data storage, not for video or music.

man that sux balls. r u sure i cant burn dvd+r? this is the day form hell man. here are the steps i use.

1- put retail dvd in dvdrom bay (eg. Batman Begins)
2- put blank dvd+r 16x in dvd-ram bay.
3. open dvd xcopy
4. rips n burns in 10 mins
5. the burn is visible on the dvd
6. try the dvd in my dvd player that plays +r
7. reads NO DVD

If you have Nero, run CDSPEED disk quality test on your newly burned dvd, and post the results here. Or, just download CDSPEED and run it (not all drives support it). It could just be that your burner doesn’t like the brand of media that you are using. If you take and burn a Memorex dvd in 8 different dvd players, you will likely come up with 8 completely different results. It all depends on chipset, firmware, and the quality of the dvd.

i downloaded the cdspeed, and im about to use it. is there anything in specific that i am to do or is there anything in specific that i am looking out 4 that could hint my problem?

Try again, use a DVD-R this time.