DVD won't play some dvd's



My neice has got an older type of dvd player which only will play DVD- R media,
I have done some copies of family gatherings using good qualty DVD-R media and they have played ok when i first give them to her but now they just load up but do not play, you can hear the backgound noise of the dvd but no picture, does this sound like its the dvd player needs a clean or something, i don’t think she has had her dvd player ever cleaned, and its been very well used.


You could try using compressed air- but that might not be your problem. If the audio is good, while the picture is breaking up, the problem is probably not with reading the disc, but with something downstream of the initial read.


Thanks for your reply, the picture doesn’t come up at all, but you can hear the sounds of the dvd , its weird cause the media played well when i first give them to her, good quality discs yet some will play and others you only hear the sounds.
I tested them first on my dvd player which pretty new, they ran well, but not on hers.