Dvd won't play on tv

I have a Sony camcorder with a movie on the memory stick, and have burned numerous dvd’s, -r, +r, etc… which all play on laptop, but says incorrect disc when put into 2 different dvd players attached to my tv’s. Help! It’s a Sony DRX-810UL, although my computer refers to it as the DRU-810A. When I tried to upgrade the firmware as was suggested somewhere, it said flash utility only supports DRU-810A. The camera is a Sony DCR- HC40.

Are you sure that it’s in a format compatible with your DVD players? This is often the case. What program did you use to convert/burn the disc(s)?

About the firmware, your 810UL is indeed a 810A in an external enclosure and Sony releases different firmware updates for their internal and external models. The right place to look is www.sonyisstorage.com -> Warranty & Support -> DVD RW -> Firmware. Download version 2.0e for your drive from there and it shouldn’t complain any longer ;).

As said above, you’ll probably have to burn that recording in a different format to make it compatible with standalone players. Transfer the file(s) from the camera to a folder on your hard disk and select a Video CD or DVD project in Nero to import them to.

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Thank you, it turned out to be that just before the dvd would burn, a box came up that asked me if I wanted to change to PAL from NTSC, as most of the material was PAL that I was trying to burn. I always said yes thinking that’s what I should do then, once I said no it played…I now have another problem though…since I burned the dvd I can’t make a cd of some music in windows media player library. I’m using same cd’s I always use, same box even, it gets to 98% burned it says, although only 4 songs of 7 are ending up on the cd…then it says it cannot burn to this disc, slow down the speed, disc is dirty or damaged or try different brand of cd’s. All ridiculous, I haven’t touched the speed, same cd’s as usual, used up 4 cd’s brand new, so it’s not that 1 was dirty. I slowed the speed from fastest ,where it was, to 16x, still same error message. I’ve done this a million times with same cd’s. What now?

Hmmm, doesn’t look good for your drive, wanda. Check these threads I followed about CD-burning problems with the same drive as yours:


Don’t know if Mallomar is up and running again and I don’t follow the BenQ burner section close enough to know if this happens to BenQ 1640/164B models (of which your Sony is a rebadge) as well.

Have you tried burning to CD with another burning software (e.g. Nero)?

You could crossflash to the external Benq firmware, which may or not help. If you decide to do so, use BQFlasher, found in the Benq subforum of the optical drives (there is a thread dedicated to it). Follow ALL instructions carefully to ensure that you do not have a bad flash, as this may kill your drive. Crossflashing will automatically void any remaining warranty on your drive.

P.S. Make sure to download and flash the correct firmware