DVD wont play on some players... Please Help!



Hi, iv just copied the first series of lost from my real dvds for my dad to watch but when he tries them in his dvd player they wont play but when i play them on mine they work fine. is this somthing to do with them being copies and is there any way around it like making the copies play like real disks???


This depends on various things like media/burner combination and also on your dvd player.
What media you’ve used? To get higher compatibility i’d use quality media like Taiyo Yuden maybe +R, so that you can change booktype to -ROM if your burner supports bitsetting.


Do you mean media as in dvd rom? because i cant use +r only -r. and what is the booktype??


I’ve meant the dvd media brand, which you’ve used for burning. Booktype is a little piece of information on a disc which the player or drive identify as +R, -R or for example -ROM.
A standard original pressed dvd movie has booktype Dvd-ROM, so you can fool your player if you’re able to change it for example with a +R disc, with other words the standalone thinks it’s a Dvd-ROM. You know what i mean and what for a burner you’ve?


can u pls explain 2 me in an “idiots guide to…!!” how to con my dvd player into thinking that my copy dvd is a real dvd please. i would appreciate it very much, just i dont undestand some of the concepts that u r using, thankyou.


If you’d say what for a dvd burner you’ve then no problem, otherwise if it doesn’t support bitsetting then it would makes no sense.