DVD wont play on samsung dvd player

I have just bought a samsung DVD-P345D, when i first got it i tried playing a copied dvd i got from someone and it worked fine. Then i tried copying one of my own using DVD clone, it plays fine on my old dvd player but not on my new one. I have tried both DVD +R and -R. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I would say the fact it plays on one DVD player and not the other, it would indicate a media problem and nothing to do with CloneDVD2 - what media are you using?

On another note - if you want to make your new player multi-region look here


Thanks for replying. I have tried Phillips DVD+R and a cheap one called Mr DVD, DVD -R. Using the cheap Mr DVD i tried copying it a different way using dvd shrink, it would let me play it on my new player but no sound on main film. There was sound on the menu screen through. But also it was very jumpy which i have not been getting using dvd clone and playing on my old dvd player.

p.s. in your opinion what is the best media you can buy, or at least the best at a reasonable price?

What is your DVD burner? It is really a bit hit and miss - one media will work great in one writer and crap in another - even if they are the same model!!

Once you post your writer model and firmware version, maybe someone can suggest a good brand of disc. But in general, with discs you get what you pay for!!

The best solution I can suggest is to burn DVD+ media to the DVD-Rom format, thus making compatible in most players. Pressed dvd’s that you buy are in the DVD-Rom format, in essence what you’re doing is tricking your player into thinking it’s a store bought disk. You can only do this with DVD+ media, not DVD-.

This is best done through your burners firmware, the method is called bitsetting. Not all burners are capable of doing this through the firmware.
There are programs that do it, including DVDInfoPro, but you need to do this before every burn, however sometimes it doesn’t work. The best way is through the firmware.

As abrown15 suggested post your burner model # and firmware version and we can begin assisting you. In addition, I suggest you download DVDInfoPro, from DVDInfoPro.com ( free version avaialble). This will display your firmware version # and will provide you with the manufacturer of your media. Phillips does not manufacture media, it just uses other manufacturers and puts its name on it.

You can see who manufactured it by inserting a blank DVD in your drive, then click ther media icon on top, second from left. Your firmware revision will be shown when you open the program on the right side under drive information, it’s the third line down.
Post back when you have this information available. Never heard of Mr DVD media,
sounds like flea market special to me.

In the UK and Ireland these discs are sold by supermarkets and small outlets - I am half tempted to buy a pack (in Ireland Tesco sell them for €6 for 5, so not that tempted) to see what the manufacturer code is.

Thanks for clarifying, I need to get out more often.:doh:

My drive information is TSSTCORPCD/DVDW TS-H552B, my firmware is GA04, it is saying my media type is INFOME R20, media typr DVD +R. Thanks agin for your help.

As far as your media codes go it is probably not a favorable media to use.
I would try to get some Maxell, Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden which can be obtained under the FujiFilm name . I myself prefer the Taiyo Yudens, I don’t know how available these 3 media brands are in the UK. If you manage to find some FujiFilm brand in the store make sure the label states Made in Japan, not Made in Taiwan. Only Made in Japan is a safe bet they are Taiyo Yudens.

Regarding your burner, it appears to be a Samsung with the TS-H552B id # you supplied. I am confused with the firmware you state you have though, you say it is GA04, the Samsung Firmware page does not list that firmware.
The latest firmware they show is TS10 and all that are displayed show TS not GA.
You should begin your troubleshooting by using good media and the latest firmware.

Below are a few links for you to review regarding your burner.

Go to this link and verify this is your burner

Samsung Page for the burner

Samsung FAQ’s

Samsung H552B firmware Latest is TS10
Their site sucks for locating the firmware, go to the link below, click on firmware downloads, at bottom of page type in TS-H552B then hit search button
you will see TS10 is latest (May 1, 2005)


I have looked on the samsung site and performed the check on my pc, it says the firmware is GA04, and like you say there is no record of that in the list. Would i be able to upgrade it to the TS10, or with me not having a match would this cause me problems? Sorry to be a pain but i am a novice at this sort of stuff. Thanks for helping.

I have just tried a different disc. Sony DVD-R. I used dvdclone and copied the whole disk. When i put it in my dvd players it started up fine, it played the trailers in very good quality then went to the menu screen. Then when i press play movie or scene selection it just freezes. Any ideas?

Your not being a pain but rather asking a valid question.
I did some more research on your burner and It looks like you own a Gateway computer and they have their own version of the Samsung drive.
The GA04 firmware is from Gateway and is the latest. I would not mess with the firmware. Below is link to a forum thread that you may find intersting about your drive.

Here is the Link for your Gateway Firmware

It appears from your last post it was in fact a media issue since your player now recognizes the new Sony Media, although you had a problem.

Perform a simple burn with CloneDVD by selecting top button, “Copy DVD Titles”, navigate to your drives and click on the Video_TS folder.
Do not select preserve menu and leave all clone DVD’s default choices. When you reach the screen that display preferred speed, set it to 4 to be on the safe side, you can always increase later if burns are successul.
Try to select a movie to copy that is not long to speed up the test.

Let us know how that worked.

@ Dan22,

The Samsung/Toshiba DVD Burner is not a usually used DVD Burner. I believe you would be best severed by visiting the CD Freaks Samsung DVD Burner Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=105) and seeking detailed information concerning your Samsung DVD Burner. The appropriate Forum to discuss Samsung DVD firmware is the CD Freaks Samsung DVD Burner Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=105). There are numerous postings concerning the Samsung H552B TS10 firmware posted there. Forum Member Kenshin appears to quite knowledgeable concerning the Sumsung DVD Burner and has authored a few postings concerning Samsung H552B firmware. Suggest viewing the “Read First” postings located in the beginning of the Samsung DVD Burner Forum.

Best Regards,

I was just woundering which version of clone dvd you use because i was using the first one, and now i have just downloaded a free trial of clone dvd 3, to see if it was any different. I dont think i am using the same as you because i dont seem to have any of the options you are talking about. I cant change the write speed so i assume it just performs on the fastest.

The cloneDVD you are using is not the same as the one people on here are using. We are using CloneDVD2 from www.slysoft.com the one you are using is very expensive, and I have heard a lot of people have problems with it.

As abrown15 pointed out if you are using Clonedvd 3 you are using an inferior product who chose to confuse people in buying their product from the sweat and hard work of Elaborate Bytes, the company that founded CloneDVD2.

Do yourself a favor and go to Slysoft.com and download the 21 day free trials of CloneDVD V and AnyDVD V5.4.1.1. These are the only two progarms you will need for successful burning. After you use them and they work for you, buy them, it’s a wise investment if you plan to continue to burn DVD’s.

If you purchased CloneDVD 3.5 (or 3.6) from clonedvd.net for 99.95, ask for your money back, inform them the product does not work as advertised.

See below attachment of what the screen should look like with CloneDVD2 and where to change speed settings. The default is maximum, change to 4x then experiment and increse but not to exceed your media’s limits.

Thanks very much for your help. I have just ordered dvd clone 2 off ebay for a very resonable price. So i will give that a try and see how it goes.

@ Dan22,

I believe you have made a major error in purchasing the Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft CloneDVD2 software product for anyone at eBay.

The Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft software products are NOT marketed on eBay. You are either not purchasing the Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft software product but the rip off copycat product from CloneDVD.Net or purchasing an illegal pirated copy of the Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft software product.

There is a notice clearly and predominantly posted on the SlySoft Web Site concerning this topic. For your connivance I have provide a link to this notice.


The only place to purchase the true legal copy of CloneDVD2 software product is from the official SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) Web Site or Elaborate Bytes (http://www.elby.de/products/clone_dvd/) Web Site.

Best Regards,

That was not a smart thing to do, God only knows what you’ll get.

I don’t understand why you just didn’t download the free 21 day trial from Slysoft as I advised and see if that cures your problem.