DVD won't play on either of my NEW computers

:confused::Okay, so I dubbed a DVD from a VHS tape. The dub worked and can be viewed in my DVD player.

The problem is on my new computers (ACER & LENOVO) the DVD-R will not play back. In fact is says my DVD has 0 bytes used. So you’d think it’s empty, but then, if 0 bytes were used, it would say 1.7 GB available. Instead, it says 0 bytes available.

Again, the disc is nearly full and works perfectly on my LG DVD player.

Here’s what I have already tried:

  1. Burning this on two different brands of DVD-R. (Tdk & Maxwell)

  2. Downloading and running “Windows Media Classic”.

  3. Running on two different computers.

  4. QuickTime & Real Media.

The obvious one is do you have a DVD software player on your PC? Have you tried a commercial DVD to see if DVD’s play at all?

I just downloaded CyberLink’s Power DVD 9 and when hit play it says,

“No Disk in F: Drive”. Which of course is not accurate because there is a disk in F: Drive and it works on standard DVD’s (tested on LG and Samsung DVD).

Have you tried another DVD in your PC? that will at least confirm whether disc or PC is the problem.

Do you have more than 1 drive? if so look at the options in Power dvd and see if you can see another drive and the disc in it.

Some minus R disc have problems playing in some drives.

I played DVD (Lord of the Rings) in both computers. They work.

No luck with other drives.

As for the Minus-R, I switched to a different disk type to see if that would work, (TDK & now Maxwell)

The DVD player on both PC’s says “DVD R-DL”. I am wondering if I can only use Doubled-Layer DVD’s if they are DVD’s that I create?

Of course my LG DVD dubber is not DVD R-DL so that may not work.

Get better media, eg. Verbatim.

You are saying 2 Different Brands not type.
Have you tried + R Disc ?

And as chef says [U]Verbatim[/U] Disc’s work a lot better

Again, the disc is nearly full and works perfectly on my LG DVD player.

Of course my LG DVD dubber

What is the model of this ‘dubber’. Are you finalizing the discs?