DVD Won't Play: "MP3-JPEG" error

I have a Philips Q35 dvd player. I use it to play my DVD-R discs (RITEKG04) created with Pinnacle Studio 9. Occasionally, a disc will not play and the only message is “MP3-JPEG” in the top left corner of the TV.

Any tips why? How do I overcome this?

The DVD plays ok on the pc. Sometimes, it refuses to playback on other stand alone dvd players. Got me worried.

Anyone seen this before? Any info or advice? Thanks.

Have you burned other DVD’s using the same software? If so, do they all work ok?

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that program nor am I familiar with that error. My suggestion would be to try burning another DVD using the same method and see if that works. If it does, then it’s most likely the DVD and then we will have to take different measures…

I’ve burned many other DVDs using Studio 9 and Nero. Usually, I use S9 to do make the first disc, then use Nero to make copies.

As this issue happens infrequently, I cannot pinpoint the cause. Is it at all possible that the Philips dvd player could be “corrupting” the DVDs? The DVDs definitely go through a period of working, then all of a sudden, won’t play in the Philips player, then won’t play in the Pioneer player (as a double check). Usually, they have only ever been played on the Philips player.


Well, I’d consider the possibility of the DVD player “corrupting” the DVDs to be extremely small or zero. The DVD player does nothing more than simply read the data and can’t change the DVD in any way. Of course, with a malfunctioning laser, I suppose it IS possible. However, if this were true, then you theoretically shoud see this happening to ALL of your DVD’s.

Perhaps these DVD’s have some sort of extra data that can’t be processed properly by Studio 9? I really have no idea. Try using other software (DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD or DVDShrink for example) to burn a copy of these DVD’s and see if these will play in your DVD player. If so, then we can at least say that it is a software issue.

Thx Mike.

I agree with the corrupting. Not likely. And not happening to all discs.

S9 creates the Video_ts folder and files, so sometimes I use S9 to burn, other times Nero. I will be making a note from now on exactly which disc was burnt which way. To narrow down the issue.

As for S9 having “extra data”, I don’t think so.

Who really knows! Let me know if you do. Thx.