DVD won't play (Mac problem)

I’ve just backed up a DVD using DVDBackup, then run DVD2One on it, then used Toast to burn it to a DVD. But it won’t play; I get a message saying “DVD Player encountered a system error. Could not detect a valid media file (-70001)” when I tried to play the resulting DVD.

I’m using a 15" G4 PowerBook running Panther (Mac OS X version 10.3.5).

This is how I copy the DVD: first I play the movie, or at least play part of it and skip forward through the rest (for some reason this is necessary before it copies on DVDBackup). Then I use DVDBackup, I leave all the options as selected (Change Region to region free, Remove Macrovision Protection selected, and Remove CSS Encryption selected). I drag the icon of the DVD from my desktop onto the program and let it rip.

It makes two folders, called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS on my desktop. I place these in a new folder named for the film.

Now I close DVDBackup and open DVD2One, and browse to the VIDEO_TS file named for the film, in the Source field. Its files are now listed in the DVD2One window.

I set Output to User Defined, Copy to Join and Ratio to Constant. I choose English in Audio (in the DVD I was trying to back up, I chose AC3 6ch English rather than the other option of AC3 2ch English). If I want subtitles I chose English; I didn’t in the film I was backing up.

Then I press Start, and choose the desktop for the resultant VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files.

When they are made, I close DVD2One and open Toast, and choose Other, selecting DVD as my choice from the drop-down menu. I drag the new VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders from my desktop to the Toast window. Then I burn the blank DVD with these.

Then I shut down Toast and try to play the DVD, and it’s at this stage that I get the error message “DVD Player encountered a system error. Could not detect a valid media file (-70001)”

What am I doing wrong? Should I be using both VIDEO_TS and AUDIE_TS at all stages of the process?

I’d be grateful for any help.

make sure you have not got files in toast DS.STORE these can effect playback.
Also make sure the title is the same as the dvd you have copyied. ie


copy and paste from the dvd on the desktop to a folder works for me :>

Got it working. These were my problems:

  • I needed to knock back the size to 4400 in DVD2OneX
  • I named the file in all capitals (FILM) in Toast
  • I used Imation or Maxwell DVD-R disks.

Having done all these, I could view the resulting DVD on my TV or on my computer.

Thanks for the help.

Hmm. I have one DVD that just won’t copy, no matter what I do.

I’ve tried processing it in DVDBackup and in MacTheRipper. Each time, when I sic DVD2OneX on it, it fills up the blue line in about half a second and goes “plink”. Then when I drag the resulting file to Toast, it burns, but the resulting DVD is unplayable.

I’ve tried making a disk image, and I’ve tried just copying the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders onto Toast, but neither way will it produce a viewable DVD.

The DVD I’m trying to copy is The Gods Must Be Crazy.