DVD won't play in the DVD Player

I just got a 851s DVD Player using some ritek DVD-R disks.

First two (2) backups played fine on my Toshiba DVD Player. Every copy after that either scipped or the DVD player reports a “disk error”. The backups play fine on my computer DVD players. Tried some memorex DVD+R, but ended up with the same issue.

I’m using DVD shrink and NERO 6.0.

Also tried DVD XCopy with same results.

Firmware is GSO8

Any suggestions?

Try GS0A or GS0C, also check the link my sig for a DVD player database. Check you player and see if anyone else reported it being “picky”.
Have you tried the discs in any other players yet?

Tried it in three other players with the same results

KPROBE of sample backup

Memorex DVD+R Disk Error

Both these disks produces disk error or skipped a lot

I had problems with Ritek G04 in older standalone players until I started using RecordNow.
RecordNow seems to produce G04s that are more ‘standalone friendly’ IMHO.

If you have trouble finding RecordNow on the Sonic CD that came with your drive check here.

You could also try burning at 2x and seeing if that helps.

Don’t use DVD Xcopy with Toshiba DVD players. I have 2 that will not play DVDs made with xcopy. It will lock up the player completely; I have to unplug to regain control. Ritek DVD-Rs are the only brand that will play on my Toshiba. I’ve used nero, cloneDVD and dvdshrink with liteon 851s (with newest firmware) and they all work fine on the Toshiba.

I’ve checked your screenshot for the memorex, while it’s not excellent, it’s still acceptable. PI slightly higher than spec (280) but PO is within limits! I have Maxell DVD+Rs with triple your error rates and they play fine.

I burn all my DVD videos at 8x now and they all play fine. They play fine whether burnt at 2.4, 4 or 8.

I use NERO 6.3, anyDVD, DVD2One, DVDSHrink.

Windows XP Pro / NTFS