Dvd won't play in pc but will at tv

I have a few dvds that won’t play on my pc, such as the harry potter dvd’s, but they play on my sony dvd player at the tv… any reason for this? I thought it was scratched, etc… but used windex and alcohol and still doesn’t play, it will be like very shaking, can hear the sound… but plays great at the tv! any help!!!

I presume you do have a DVD-Rom or Burner in the PC. You may want to check the region code of the drive and make sure that’s set properly according to your area.

it plays my other DVD’s with no problem… but how can I check the regional code on the drives?

If you have Nero 6 you can use Nero info tool. If you don’t you can DL a trial version of it from their site.

Gah! That can’t be good, can it?

Another question and the most obvious. Do you actually have a software player? For example Power DVD, if not install one and then see if it will play. I ask as you don’t say if any will play in your post.

I have Power DVD and MS Media Player… others work fine and play in these fields… I took the Harry Potter DVD and put it in my laptop, worked fine and played there, but went to go play it in my PC, it was like all garbled, distorted, small little blocks of different colors flickering when it played… any idea what’s going on here?

When is the last time you did a DeFrag?

Okay, I think I found the problem… some dvd’s won’t play even in Power DVD when I had that little Fox in the corner by the time from Slysoft’s AnyDVD running… I right clicked on it, and closed out the program, and whaaalah!, the movie works fine playing in Power DVD!! So now I"m going to try to use DVD Shrink to encode it and then use AnyDVD to copy it… shouldn’t that work out?! I wonder why some movies won’t play when that little pesky fox in the corner is up and running?

AnyDVD is not a burning program. All it does is take out any copy protection. You will need something like Decrypter (if you can find it) or Nero to burn it along with Shrink. Not totally sure but FabDVD may burn also. Someone else maybe of more help on this one as I just use Decrypter or Nero. If I remember right Fab may be a program simular to Decrypter. You can use Google to find them.

I found Decrypter. You can get it here. But I suggest you get it fast as the program has been outlawed. And please remember we do not condone unauthorized copying of copy right material. It is legal to make 1 copy of a disc that you own for your own use.