Dvd won't play even using verbatim dvd-r

Hi, I’ve been having problems burning onto TDK DVD-Rs, but after reading multiple forum posts, I’ve followed your advice by trying media by Verbatim, and the burned dvds still don’t play.

Is there a particular type of Verbatim disc that’s better? Or are all Verbatim dvd-rs produced in-house (or by a reputable manufacturer)? Or is there something else I could try using these Verbatim discs? Might Taiyo Yuden discs work when Verbatim discs don’t?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the stats…


Firmware: Tu56 (the most recent)

Media:Verbatim Datalifeplus DVD+R 1x-4x
Burn Speed: 4x

I would think the the disk you are using are as good as you are going to get you need to give more info

What do you mean will not play is this on the computer or on a player?

Have you tried them in another player some players like sony players will not always play copied dvds.

what is the model of your standalone player?

also, his burner is a toshiba for anyone unfamiliar with random model nubmers (I used to have that same drive)

just to double check your media can you download nero cd-dvd speed and copy the text on the “DVD INFO” tab and let us know what it says. Verbs are good, but the ones you’re using are rather old (4x) so I just wanted to double check the media ID

Can you elaborate on “don’t play”?
Did you enable “jump to title menu” in AnyDVD?

Apologies for the “random model numbers” brainfart (yes, it’s toshiba), and thanks to everyone for the prompts for more info.

The discs “don’t play” on either computer or in my (yes) Sony DVD player: but all of the discs that I’ve recorded in the past still work on my computer and fortunately also work on my standalone DVD player. And the reverse is true: discs that don’t work on the Sony don’t work in the computer. Until I recently had this problem mid-spindle (TDK DVD-Rs from costco…I threw away the wrapping so I have no more info), I seemed only to have a handful of bad discs, but all of the well-recorded ones still work on both computer and standalone. Now, I’ve thrown away dozens burned dvd-rs in a row that don’t work.

I don’t enable “jump to title menu.” (should I? – if there’s another post, please refer).

I have not tried them in other players.

Now, when I place a recently recorded dvd-r into my Toshiba sd-r5372, they won’t even register: when opening “My Computer,” it shows no disc in the drive; same with anydvd. (same for both TDK and the aforementioned Verbatims)

When I place one in my E: drive (lite-on dvd/rom ltd163), it whirs & keeps making the noise that anydvd makes when decrypting a disc, and intermittently freezes up my computer until I take it out [ anydvd still reads no disc; “My Computer” just freezes into “(not responding)” until I take it out].

Nero CD-DVD Speed gives “Error - NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (053002)” with a burned Verbatim disc, and won’t even make the “start” button available with an unburned disc (maybe I need to study the instructions better…).

Please let me know if I can provide any other information that would enable you to help me. Thanks again.