Dvd wont finalize

well alil while ago my dvds would burn perfect… now iv been having a few problems lately… i dunno why it wont finalize… i have an I/O magic dvd burner… and i used Dvd X Copy Plat. and it wouldnt finalize em… so i thought that was the prob. so i got Dvd Shrink 3.2… and had nero to burn the dvd… and it still wont work… it burns the reg. movie - i can watch the movie in full… just it wont add the extras and other stuff… and in dvd x copy iv hit copy full backup and same with shrink… i dunno y it just wont finalize… dvd x copy just says … finalizing dvd and it just says that for 5 or so mins then says an error… and dvd shrink just spits it out after it thinks its done burning and says an error but it only lets me play the dvd movie (not extras) if i use dvd shrink/nero unlike dvd x copy which it wont even load into the dvd player… iv googled the prob and it told me to try to use that force (forget what its called) but iv tried that… iv tried reinstalling dvd x copy… any other ideas? o and iv also tried to update the driver. :frowning: :frowning:

low quality media often fails at the outer edges. What media are you using?

Dvdxcopy is out of date -has been sued and lost over a year ago or more. Use good media verbatim or tayio yuden,sony or anything made in Japan. You can try dvdfab free or I like the combo of clonedvd and anydvd from www.slysoft,com . they have a 21 day trial. good luck.

do u mean blank dvds ? im using sony dvd - r (i switch sometimes from +r’s to -r’s… i never really noticed a difference)…

but ill try another prog. anyone recommend one more than another… ijust want something fast and easy like put dvd in… it uploads it… spits it out - put blank dvd in and hit burn and ur done! lol.

i tried dvd fab… same thing it wont burn the outside part… if the movie and the extras r real short it works, i just burnt a copy of Screamin’ Sports Bikes: keepin it underground and u can see it didnt finalize it - it plays in my dvd players, and its a short movie and all but i also made a copy of another dvd and the movie itself works… just the extras if u try to go to the extras and play them… the dvd acts like its skippin cuz it cant read it or whatever… do u think i need a new dvd burner? and i dunno if this is a big factor or not but my HD is pretty full i have like 10 or less GB left on it. i had 7 GB left when i just burnt last dvd a few mins ago.