Dvd wont eject, read, play

I have DVD FAB and have very few problems. I have a dell inspiron E1405. All of a sudden my DVD/CD/Rom drive wont open unless i use the paperclip method, wont read (no light), rev up, or not a dvd or cd in the drive. I have reset DMA updated all programs and microsoft updates, ran registry cleaner, virus cleaner, etc. i also have the newest drivers for the dvd rom, i have changed nothing and it just stopped. PLEASE HELP.

This sounds like a powering problem. Check your cables. Don’t believe it is related to DVDFab.

Thanks, i agree its not dvd fab, just thought may get some help. Have no power cords to check as its the dvd drive that came with the lap top… Any other suggestions…

Eject the drive, pull it out of the chassis, make sure the multi-pin connector is clean, plug the drive back in. You can do this with the laptop running (at least I can on my Lenovo). This will reseat all the connections and will have the added benefit of forcing windows to reload the driver for the device. I do this every couple of months as preventive maintanance.

Here is a link to your laptops service manual.