DVD Wont Burn Using Roxio

Im trying to burn a DVD for the 1st time and did all the steps to prepare for it like decrypt and shrink it… now when I click on Burn on Roxio MY DVD9 through the Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 software… it just comes up with another box “Burn Project” with an overall task bar and current task bar encoding movie with a black box at the bottom but thats it … it doesnt make any progress or anything… at 1st i thought maybe my dvd drive isnt a burner but i checked in device manager and its a dvd +/-RW drive so it should be able to burn… any ideas to whats going on? i have the blank dvd in the drive and my laptop is detecting its there

I just download imgburn and its burning it but it only will let me do 5 free cds before i have to pay for it… and it woudlnt even let me choose the quality of the cd i wanted nor the burn speed

Where did you download Imgburn from? It is freeware, no paid version. Here is the official Imgburn site: http://www.imgburn.com/.

What do you mean by “quality of the CD”? Aren’t you trying to burn a DVD?

Like Whappo said ImgBurn is freeware and what you have has been altered and is a scam you should uninstall it and re-download it from imgburn.com, also you best not give your credit card number because if they are scamming you with freeware :eek: no telling what they will do with your credit card number :eek: