DVD wont autoplay... I am super n00b pls help

ok thanks for reading , this is my problem when I burn a good and playable copy of a dvd (when I right click the drive and properties the file system field indicates that it is a UDF file) when it says that, then It plays good on my pc and my dvd player but when I right click the drive and it says (File system = RAW) it does not auto play therefor I cannot use it to play on my pc or my dvd player. The thing is sometimes it burns fine (udf) and sometimes it burns (RAW) which is not good cuz it wont autoplay.

this has happend using different ways of burning it, if I burn it using a dvd+rw media it always ends up being RAW (so I cant play it on my dvd player) and on occasion when burning dvd+ or - it will also burn RAW maybe 1 out of 10 especially when im creating an image. ( I dont remember this happening when i burn from a 2 layer disc only if I use a dvd+rw) my problem is when I burn from a 1 layer disc. THX for any suggestions =)

When I copy a 2 layer disc:
DVD Decrypter
Stomp RecordNowMax

When I copy a 1 Layer disc:
DVD Decrypter … ISO Read then ISO Write


just Copy the TS folder to my HD
then burn it with Stomp

BTW I have a pioneer 106d w/ 1.07 firmware
TDK 4x - Memorex 4x - ritek 1X it does not matter what media i use when it decides to burn RAW it will.
and windows xp pro

Nevermind … sorry to waste ur time I figured it out =)

Hi…how did you solve this? I am having the same problem!